Chef Chen's Wok Set

$ 79.95

Every gourmand should have a wok in their pantry!  This wok was designed and manufactured in Italy in collaboration with Chef Chen to be the easiest wok for home use.  The concentric heat that is wonderful for Asian cooking is also ideal for any stovetop since it has a flat bottom. This TVS wok is super-lightweight ceramic and titanium with a nonstick surface for easy cleaning.  And no wok seasoning required before use! 

Chef Chen includes a cooking spatula, spoon, our signature China Live Forbidden Yuchang Rice (considered the Best in all of China) and a lovely gift box set of 4 of our signature condiments: Non-Gluten Soy sauce , Chili Bean Sauce, Ginger-infused Vinegar and Sichuan Chili oil.

Purchase separately the price would be $102, special gift set price at $79.95.