MovieNite Fun Snack Kit

$ 59.95

Any flick is better with great snacks!  This assortment is the perfect companion for MovieNite at home. The assortment includes our signature sweet and savory Duck Fat Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies - a treat that will keep you cracking away, and Cindy’s Asian Granola -- not just delicious, but healthy with antioxidants, and also does double duty as quick and healthy breakfast in the morning, plus a beautiful Asian ceramic bowl to hold the snacks. 

And in case the show sucks, try Cinephile, a stylish and sharply designed card game, insanely fun and addictive. This kit is a welcome addition to change up your Movie Nite.

Purchase separately the price would be $86, but special gift set price at $59.95.