• Jasmine Pearls Moulihuacha Green Flower Tea
  • Jasmine Pearls Moulihuacha Green Flower Tea

Jasmine Pearls Moulihuacha Green Flower Tea

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Grown in Fujian and other southern provinces of China from a blending of Green Tea and Jasmine Flower Petals.  It is hand rolled into a pearl and releases slowly into 3-4 petals.

Popular flower tea that is not considered a Ten Famous Tea of China but has gained so much popularity that we had to include it on our list of 12.   The scent is sweet and floral and most folks are familiar in America with cheap Jasmine tea bags that is omnipresent in almost all Chinese restaurants.  But ours is hand rolled and organic and uses the only the best leaves and petals for the hand rolling.

  • Brewed at ~100 Degrees and steep until the petals open and the jade green color infuses the water.

China Live features proprietary Private Label teas inspired by the Ten Famous Teas of China.  Chef George Chen has climbed high tea mountains to source the most sustainably grown and produced teas directly from Taiwan and China farmers.  These teas are far better quality and value as we source these fine teas directly without brokers.

Net Weight 3.8 oz.

Vendor: China Live

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