Lemon Bird Preserves

$ 9.99

Lemon Bird Preserves are available in 4 unique (& delicious) flavors (6oz. jars)!

Satsuma Plum & Sichuan Pepper The sweetness of the plum is matched by the citrus and warm (not hot) flavor of the Sichuan pepper. We love spreading some of this jam on chicken as we finish grilling to give it a sweet, crispy skin.  We also serve the plums with cheeses at cocktail parties.

Yuzu: This exotic citrus fruit is prized for it's heavenly scent and flavor that is like like a lime with a hint of grapefruit and sour orange. The yuzu fruit is rarely grown in the US and we are thrilled we can bring this amazing jam to you.  This jam is a perfect topping a fruit tart, in a lovely cocktail or with a bite of goat cheese.

Calomindin & Saffron: The calamondin is a cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat.  The fruit has the scent of oranges and a tart, sour flavor. We love this jam served with a cheese platter or a hint mixed into a special cocktail.

Bergamot Orange: The bergamot orange is intensely fragrant and traditionally used in Earl Grey tea. The peel is filled with oils that will perfume an entire building. You'll find this thick, natural set jam filled with candied bergamot orange peel. This bergamot orange jam is perfect for true bitter marmalade lovers out there. The thick cut, candied peels in this jam are bitter with heavy floral notes. We recommend this jam on your morning toast or on a baguette for lunch.