• Shiso Soy Sauce: Marudai

Shiso Soy Sauce: Marudai

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Shiso Soy Sauces are the best artisanal soy sauces available, brewed using traditional methods, with no additives, flavorings or artificial ingredients. These soy sauces are hand crafted from quality ingredients in a brewery in Shimane prefecture on the main island of Japan. The brewery is more than a century old and has been owned and operated by the same family for six generations. Their Premium soy sauces will complement and improve your dining experience.

Marudai Shiso Soy Sauce uses the same basic ingredients as traditional Shiso sauce, but is made with high quality whole soybeans which contain more soy oils and change the way the fermentation process evolves. The result is a more intense, deeper flavor.
Vendor: Shiso

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