China Live Fine Teas

$ 15.49

China Live features proprietary Private Label teas are inspired by the Ten Famous Teas of China. Chef George Chen has climbed high tea mountains to source the most sustainably grown and produced teas directly from Taiwan and China farmers.  These teas are far better quality and value as we source these fine teas directly without brokers.

Dragonwell Longjing Green Tea: 2 oz. for $15.49 | mellow, rich, sweet, hoppy

Lapsang Souchong Li Shan Xiao Xhong: 1.2 oz. for $9.29 | traditionally smoked over pine fire

High Mountain Oolong Shan Lin Xi Tea: 4 oz. for $23.49 | mountain green oolong from famous estate, concentrated sweetness

Iron Buddha Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea: 3.5 oz. for $22.89 | cinnamon & smoke, lingering aftertaste

Pu'er Aged Black Yunnan Tea: 2.5 oz. for $10.29 | complex, sous bois & terriore

Frozen Summit Dong Ding Oolong Tea: 4 oz. for $19.49 | robust high mountain oolong

Oriental Beauty Dingfang Green Meiren Tea: 2.5 oz. for $12.49 | non-roasted oolong, fruity & sweet aromas

Jasmine Pearl Moulihuacha Tea: 3 oz. for $16.95 | heady aroma, hand-rolled, organic

8 Treasure Tea: single tea pot serving for $12.00 | lotus seed, longan, Jasmine Pearl Tea Blend, hawthorne, goji, jujubee date, rosebuds & rock sugar

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